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Tile Finder

Maverick Tile Finder

The Maverick Tile Finder consist of a transmitter, receiver, 512Hz sonde and a 650' reel of composite rod that is embedded with a copper wire.  This system has proven itself in the use of locating plastic pipes that are over 1" in diameter and has been very successful in locating field tile.  The Maverick can be used anywhere there is access to a tile network.  The locator can also be used to identify the location of all types of utilities, including phone, cable, gas, electric, and metallic water lines.  The transmitter and sonde are designed to work independently of one another.  This allows you to precisely locate the entire length and depth of the rod and then to pinpoint exactly where the end of the rod is.  Both operations will minimize ground disruption and greatly decrease the amount of time searching for or following the path of tile networks.

The Maverick Tile Finder is very simple to use.  After inserting the rod into the tile that is to be traced.  Turn on the transmitter.  Connect the red lead wire of the transmitter to the reel.  Connect the black lead wire to the ground stake.  That will charge the copper wire inside the rod.  Turn on your receiver, check for tone and begin marking both location and depth of the rod.  Once you have located the length of the rod that has been used- disconnect, remove rod and relocate reel.  (for quicker removal of rod, you can use the optional assisted rewind).  It is that simple!

Now, not only is there a time saving tool to assist in locating filed tile, there is also the option of having the ability to find underground utilities.  The Maverick TIle FInder is a proven, simple to use, efficient tool and a great value for anyone working with field tile networks.
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