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Machine Control

GCS100 Grade Control System

Single control system

The GCS100 Grade Control System is a single control system that controls the lift of the machine blade. The basic grade control system provides very simplistic controls and functionality that makes it very user friendly and improves productivity and accuracy of agricultural drainage and leveling equipment by up to 50%.

GCS200 Grade Control System

Single Electric or Dual Rigid Control

The AgGCS200 system is the newest grade control system to the Trimble Agriculture lineup. It is ideal for vehicles with PT valves requiring dual rigid mast control, or single electric mast control. The key components of the system are made up by the CB60 control box and the LR410 laser receiver set to PA mode: The key components of the system are made up by the CB60 control box and the LR410 laser receiver set to mode.

GCS300 Grade Control System

The GCS300 Grade Control System is an affordable, single control system that uses the LR410 laser receiver to control the machine blade lift. Designed primarily for use on dozers, but can be used on other machines, the GCS300 is very easy to set up, learn and use, and the CB420 Control Box provides access to a wide range of features. It's your ideal solution for smaller construction projects such as housing pads in smaller subdivisions and sports fields.

The GCS300 is an excellent first investment. Because it provides a low cost of entry into Grade Control Systems, the GCS300 is easily upgradeable as your needs grow. And for applications where there is no future need to upgrade to 3D, there is an option to purchase a lower-cost, non-upgradeable wiring harness.

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GCS400 Grade Control System

Dual Elevation or Elevation and Blade Slope Control

The GCS400 Grade Control System is a dual-control system that controls both the lift and tilt of the machine blade. This is done by connecting two LR410 laser receivers or one LR410 and an AS400 slope sensor to the system. Contractors can purchase the GCS400 or start with the GCS300 and later upgrade to the GCS400. The system is designed primarily for use on dozers; however, you can also use it on other machines. By controlling both functions, the GCS400 lets the operator control the material more accurately especially across larger jobsites.

Eliminate setup errors! For even greater speed and accuracy, the GCS400 system features a unique Linked Mode, which ties lift and tilt together and displays them as a single control. The operator can use Linked Mode to easily, accurately and consistently benchmark and adjust the system.

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