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GPS Mapping Systems

Trimble Nomad

The Trimble® Nomad™ kit provides a rugged solution that avoids the need to carry a camera, a GPS receiver, a cellular modem, and a PDA.  Use the Nomad to calculate field acreage, locate soil samples by grid or zone, scout for pests or problem spots, or to perform variable rate application.  All models of the Nomad offered by Farm Works contain a built-in 9-pin serial port when using external GPS receivers or variable rate controllers. 

Standard wireless capabilities include built-in Bluetooth®, giving you cable-free connections to peripherals such as RFID readers and barcode scanners, and the built in cellular modem enables you to exchange data utilizing Farm Works' Sync software.  No matter what your set-up, the Nomad handheld gives you flexible connectivity methods to meet your business needs the ultimate in mobility.

Like other Trimble rugged handhelds, the Nomad computer meets rigorous MIL-STD-810F military standards for drops, vibration, humidity, altitude and extreme temperatures.  It also comes with an IP67 rating.  That means the Nomad handheld is completely sealed against dust, and it can survive immersion in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes.  Trimble rugged handhelds have proven their reliability in the field with thousands of real-world users.

Every Nomad handheld comes with an 806 MHz Marvell PXA320 XScale professor, 128 MB RAM and a hot-swappable Lithium Ion (Li-lon) battery that can work all day long without a recharge.  The Nomad computer also includes the latest Windows Mobile® 6 software, so it runs all the applications you use most, including a wide range of third-party software for industry-specific applications.

Suggested Applications

  • Field Boundary Mapping
  • Soil Sampling (Zone or Grid)
  • Scouting
  • Sensor and Variable Rate Application Jobs
  • Guidance
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Farm Works Site Software

The Site software provides a mapping solution for growers and service providers.

If you are involved with precision agriculture to any capacity, the Site software is your solution for generating important maps and records.  Utilize the simple layering feature for importing yield maps, downloading aerial imagery, drawing or importing field boundaries, displaying soil types, mapping tile lines, and creating crop zones.


The Site software can also read and write data to many popular precision farming devices – a feature that separates Site from other mapping software.  Create basic prescription maps and view the total amount of product needed to complete the job.  The integration with the Trac software is especially unique.  For example, if importing yield or application data into Site, Trac will convert this spatial data into a field record.  The integration of Site provides less work for you and a better record keeping system for your operation.
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Farm Works Surface Software

The Surface software module provides a surface and sub-surface drainage water management solution designed to be the perfect partner for the Trimble® FieldLevel II leveling system on the FmX™ integrated display.

Surface is an analysis and design tool that assists with the optimal placement of tile and surface drains.  This helps drain the field adequately, and subsequently increases crop yields.  Combine 3D views and water flow analysis tools to decide where surface ditches or subsurface tile lines should be installed to optimally drain the field, and ultimately increase crop yields. 


The powerful Farm Works software drawing tools also let you draw the lines right over the map on the screen.  Drainage lines drawn on the screen then produce a vertical profile of the existing surface along any line.  This allows the operator to quickly decide if the location of the design will be ideal for ditch placement or to install drainage pipe.  It also tells the operator the amount of material required to complete the job.

Exporting these designs back to the FmX integrated display lets you use the Autoslope feature of the FieldLevel II system to design the vertical component of your surface or sub-surface designs by defining slope and depth constraints.  This allows the FieldLevel II system to automatically instruct any drainage machine or implement to install in the right place, at the right depth and slope.

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Expert GPS

ExpertGPS is a powerful mapping software supporting a variety of file formats and map backgrounds such as USGS topo maps and aerial photos (DOQQs and USGS urban imagery).

ExpertGPS handles all your mapping and data-conversion jobs. You'll be able to convert any GPS, GIS, or CAD data to or from GPX, Google Earth KML or KMZ, Excel CSV or TXT, SHP shapefiles, or AutoCAD DXF drawings in two clicks. You can reproject data in any geographic format (lat-lon, UTM, US State Plane) and change datums instantly. With ExpertGPS, you'll be able to calculate acreage, measure distance, elevation and grade.

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