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Precision Farming

AgGPS EZ-Guide 250 system

New entry-level lightbar guidance system

With common sense interface and a color screen, the EZ-Guide 250 lightbar guidance system is an easy to operate right out of the box.  Plus, you can upgrade to the EZ-Steer 500 assisted steering system.
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CFX-750™ Display

The CFX-750 display is the newest touchscreen display from Trimble offering affordable guidance, steering and precision agriculture funtionality. Use the CFX-750 display to maximize your efficiency when planting, spraying, spreading and strip tilling by adding Trimble's Field-IQ crop input control system, and upgrading to receive GLONASS satellites. Click to Enlarge

AgGPS® FmX Integrated Display

What precision ag functions do you want to control?

With industry leading performance and reliability, the AgGPS® FmX integrated display can handle all your precision ag needs. From guidance to steering, rate control to yield monitoring, the FmX integrated display has you covered. The versatility of the FmX integrated display makes it the affordable choice to adopt as technology changes.

The AgGPS® FmX™ integrated display gives you the best performance and reliability with the industry leading dual GPS+GLONASS receivers. Capable of handling everything you need in guidance, steering, mapping and application control from the touch of your fingers, the AgGPS FmX integrated display is the affordable choice to adapt as technology changes.

Supports the Autopilot™, EZ-Steer®, TrueTracker™, FieldLevel II, EZ-Boom®, Tru Count, and Tru Application Control™ systems


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AgGPS 442 GNSS receiver

Rugged GPS RTK rover receiver with an integrated radio and GLONASS support

The addition of GLONASS and L2C signals gives the AgGPS® 442 receiver excellent performance in tough satellite environments and areas with intermittent periods of GPS signal availability.

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